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information about our co-op:

Dibbleville Food Co-op is a Fenton, Michigan, non-profit food buying co-op/club since the early 1970's.  We are a group of families and individuals who come together monthly to purchase natural and organic products at reasonable prices. We welcome new members and families to join us.

We work together in the spirit of cooperation and friendship, sharing ideas and information about a wide range of topics including health, gardening, recycling and co-op product use.  Our current membership includes singles, families, couples and retirees, as well as those with special dietary need.

There are many benefits to belonging to a cooperative buying club. First, and foremost, are the quality products. Manufacturers of the products offered take pride in providing the best natural and organic ingredients.

There are bulk quantities and pricing on many herbs, spices, flours, dried fruits and nuts, rice and pasta.

For those who have allergies or need a special diet; no corn, no sugar, egg and salt-free foods are available as well as non-dairy, organically grown, wheat and gluten-free and vegetarian cuisine.  Products free of lactose and preservatives are also available.

Dibbleville Food Cooperative buying club purchases from two (2) vendors on a four-week cycle and several other vendors on a need basics.

Frontier Natural Products Co-op, Quality Products for Natural Living.
We order from their Wholesale Catalog. Frontier products include herbs, spices and seasonings, herbal teas, cooking ingredients and natural baking flavors, aromatherapy and natural personal care, plus thousands of products from your favorite natural product manufacturers.  Frontier offers great monthly discounts on a wide variety of their wholesale products.  Visit to view the current Frontier catalog online.

Offering the largest selection of product is UNITED Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI).
UNFI delivers natural and organic products to stores, institutions and buying clubs throughout our Eastern Region and the USA.  They have a full line of natural, organic and quality items in grocery, bulk, frozen and refrigerated foods, household items, vitamins and supplements, body care, cleaning products, pet food and pet supplies.  UNITED offers great organic and raw milk cheeses by bulk or individual packaging.  Easy on-line ordering is available.

Our monthly delivery comes from the UNITED Greenwood, Indiana warehouse. Members can place their order on the internet with UNITEDís on-line web ordering. Mail in and fax orders are also welcome.

UNITED also offers monthly specials averaging 10% to 40% off selected products. Sale and regular prices are listed in a optional monthly Price Guide or on-line at your order web site.
Because of volume purchasing, Dibbleville receives a volume discount on non-sale items from UNFI.  Dibbleville passes most of this discount back to members who order.  Please ask our current rate.

Our co-op orders from UNITED arrive via truck on the scheduled delivery day. The truck is unloaded and the products are sorted for distribution to the members. Frontier orders are delivered by UPS to the Frontier order coordinator who brings the pre-sorted orders to the UNITED pick up.  Distribution runs smoothly and quickly with the cooperation and help of all ordering members.

For those who choose not to order by computer - mail-in, fax and drop-off orders are always accepted.

There is a one-time/lifetime membership fee of $25. Payment for monthly purchases are due at time of delivery distribution.

The members of the Dibbleville Food Co-op invite you to CHECK US OUT during our monthly order meeting or at the delivery distribution (pick up) day.


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If you would like more information about our co-op
or becoming a member please email or call 810.629.1175

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